One Haiku

One Haiku

Tahoma Mountain:
Yellow Dragon, Blue-Green Light.
Father's Sky, Star's Night.

know Thyself.
Heal Thyself.
Free Thyself.

You are the one you have been waiting for.

Within each of us lies our innate ability to self-heal, connect with others and expand to our highest potential. 

One Haiku is a heart-based, non-dogmatic, balanced method to help one heal, expand one’s consciousness, and connect to the Divine within and to the Divine without. We utilize community, family, intuition, logic, Law, and nature to teach self-awareness and guide one to develop Self-Mastery. 

A Master of Self looks different for each of us. Our goal is to help you understand the deepest parts of yourself so that you may connect to this innate part of your being and live a life to your full potential. In turn, we hope you help others to do the same.

We offer real-life and virtual interactions for adults and families who seek to develop their intuition, heal individual and ancestral wounds, release trauma, free themselves from programmings, and live a self sufficient and balanced life. Our interactions with you may range from single sessions to yearly journeys to life-long communities. 

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