One Haiku




“I am that I am.”

After 17 years of a treacherous Spiritual path and having undergone several initiations of different mystical arts, I have the honor to offer help to those seeking Spirituality in their everyday life. These years of experience have given me a strong foundation in several arts which include: Khemetic arts, Meditations, Alchemy and Spagyrics, Hermetic principles , Shammanic Nahuatl-Mayan oral traditions, Tao principles, Elemental Qigong, Reiki and different martial arts.

My services are offered to the beginner, the experienced, or to whoever is looking to change a certain aspect of their life. 

My approach does not require any specific Dogma nor do I consider myself a Guru of any kind. In my journey I have found that true self empowerment comes from within and not from any kind of Hierarchy. We are all powerful and we are all equal on this plane.

Universal Medicine:

In my knowing, we are all connected to the greater Universe as One and therefore we must always honor and learn from one another. Together, we can explore what best fits your needs depending on what you are looking to gain, accomplish, find and expand within yourself. This is part of what many refer to as ‘’Universal Medicine’’.

"The teacher is always the student."

Yours truly, Delphe

Full Closure Notice:

This notice is a good faith effort to provide clarity and transparency in my services and interactions with you. Please read through this Notice for full closure.

No Medical Treatment:

I am not a licensed physician, doctor, therapist or natural path. I will not diagnose any physical, mental or emotional condition. Nor will I claim to cure any medical or psychological problem.

If you currently have a medical condition then please be advised that my interactions with you are not a replacement or substitute for your past, current or future licensed medical advisory.


Some of my interactions with you will require you to sign a contract for liability, consent, notice, payment, fees, commitment, rights, responsibilities etc. These contracts are made available during the registration, sign up or RSVP process.

Individual Rights & Responsibility:

I provide spaces and opportunities for you to learn and expand your body, mind and spirit. It is your responsibility to input your own effort and attention if you want to experience change. It is your duty to pay attention to your own health, body, limitations, comfort level, boundaries, emotions, priorities, and energy.  

You have the right to terminate any interactions with me at anytime.

I have the right to refuse service to anyone. If I determine that I am unable, for any reason, to provide you with the services you are requesting, I will inform you of this decision and may choose to refer you to another individual or group who may better meet your needs.

You have the right to ask me questions about anything that happens in our interactions together. I’m always willing to discuss how and why I’ve decided to do what I’m doing, and to look at alternatives that might work better for our interactions.


constitutional Rights:

I, a living man on the land, reserve all Rights. These include, but are not limited to: freedom of religion, freedom to contract unlimited, freedom to pursue life, sovereignty and happiness.