One Haiku

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Welcome to the community.

The One Haiku community welcomes all people who are on a journey for Divine Truth. We find that one comes to know Truth at their own pace, in their own way. So, when we connect with our highest human spirit, we can open the doorway for each one of us to authentically find Truth.

As a people, we strive for Earthly harmony, unity in community, a village mentality, self-mastery, sovereignty and wisdom.

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our sacred space:

We see nature as our sanctuary and we see our bodies as our temple. When these two things are in balance and aligned, we can find Truth. 

where we meet:

We meet in nature, in private homes and in public places in the Pacific Northwest on the land of Washington-state (mainly north of Mount Tahoma near the city of Federal Way). We are not a business so we do not have a specific business address associated with our community.

what we offer:

We offer real-life and virtual interactions for adults, youth and families who seek to know themselves deeper on a spiritual level. We teach self mastery and spiritual development through various modalities. To find out what we offer, take a look at our services.