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Welcome to the community.

We are a living body of people who seek Divine Truth. We see nature as our sanctuary and we see our bodies as our temple; when these two things are in balance and aligned, we can find Truth. Our common goal is for Earthly harmony, unity in community, a village mentality, self-mastery, sovereignty and wisdom. 

what we offer:

We are happy to provide opportunities for the community to come together. Below are some ways you may find yourself interacting with us:

  • Family Art Day
  • Energy Attunement Courses
  • Nature walks
  • Youth Clubs
  • Family Gatherings
  • Seasonal Festivities
  • Fundraiser Events
  • Meditation Groups
  • Bonfires
  • Movie Nights
  • River Dunking
  • Forest Drumming
  • Study Groups

where we meet:

We meet in nature, in private homes and in public places in the Pacific Northwest on the land of Washington-state, mainly north of Mount Tahoma near the city of Federal Way. We are not a business so we do not have a specific business address associated with our community.


Guests & members.

We welcome both guests and members. 

Guests may find us organically or through other members. Guests are welcome to see our Calendar page (coming soon) and join us on any outing that is open for the public. This is a great way to get to know us before you decide if you want to attend a course or service.

All of our courses, classes, camps, attunements, and services are for Members who align with our community values. Our Member Agreement helps us know that you agree with our mission and goals and it helps you know that we take our community values seriously and we strive to have a very balanced community. 

Meet us.

What's happening next:

Please check back here for the next public event.

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